B.D.S Sydney Conscious Sedation and Pain Control

As a qualified and experienced dentist I understand firsthand the challenges dentists face with anxious patients, complex procedures and/or multi-session treatments.

As a sedationist I bridge the gap between patient and dentist – providing a stress free experience for patients, and the perfect working environment for dentists.
I take great pride in tailoring a sedation plan to suit each individual patient – and their dentist.


A sedation plan designed just for you and your dentist.

  • We believe that every person deserves to have a pleasant dental experience – every time. One that is pain free, worry free and fear free.
  • We empower patients to maintain their oral health and not be held back by anxieties.
  • We provide a solution that is not only smooth and efficient, but also comfortable and convenient – and above all else tailored to the individual.

What is IV Sedation?

You’ve probably read or heard about Intravenous (IV) Sedation. It goes by many names – conscious sedation, twilight sedation, sedation dentistry or sleep dentistry – and is very popular with dental patients and dentists. IV Sedation is basically a very efficient way of providing profound anxiety relief and pain control during dental procedures. It is a modern, safe, and highly effective technique making a patient’s visit to the dentist a relaxing, comfortable and enjoyable experience.

IV Sedation utilises a combination of sedative and pain-relieving drugs to create a dream-like state that their procedure – and experience no pain. Patients are blissfully unaware of their dental surroundings and what dental treatment is being performed and best of all, have little or no recollection of the experience.

Why is IV Sedation so popular?

  • Safe
  • Comfortable
  • Pain free
  • Amnesic (no recollection of treatment)
  • Smooth and rapid recovery
  • Convenient
  • Time efficient
  • Customisable for each patient

“49% of Australians Suffer from Dental Anxiety” Source: Australian Dental Journal