Root Canal Treatment

No patients want to hear that they need a root canal. Root canals are probably one of the most feared procedures in dentistry. But their reputation is unfair. In reality, root canals will usually relieve toothache pain, and this common procedure can often save the troubled tooth. Most patients report afterwards that getting a root canal was no worse than getting an ordinary dental filling.

If you are experiencing toothache or other painful symptoms, don’t put off treatment. Dental pain is never normal, and if you need a root canal, the sooner you come to our Tamworth, NSW dental clinic, the better. We invite you to call Tamworth Oral Health and Dental Care. If your situation is urgent, we keep time open in our schedule to treat emergencies.

What Is a Root Canal?

When the nerve in your tooth root is infected or inflamed, you will often have a toothache that goes from mild to unbearable in a relatively short amount of time. Root canal treatment creates access to the inside of the tooth root so your dentist can remove the infected nerve tissue. After the material is removed, the area is cleaned out and disinfected to prevent further infections.

Our dentists use a high-tech surgical microscope, which provides a better view of the root canal during removal of the infection.

After root canal treatment, we usually recommend a dental crown to strengthen the tooth. With no living material inside the tooth root, the remaining tooth structure tends to become brittle. A dental crown will ensure you have full chewing function back.

How Do I Know if I Need a Root Canal?

As mentioned, you might know you need a root canal by the excruciating toothache you are experiencing. Other signs you might need this treatment include:

  • Sensitivity when you bite down on the affected tooth
  • Swollen gums near the infection site
  • A white bump on the gums
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold foods and liquids

We recommend you call our dental clinic if you have any of these signs of a tooth infection.

Is the Root Canal Procedure Painful?

The reason people often associate a root canal with pain is that the infected tooth causes so much discomfort. For the procedure itself, you will have a local anaesthetic, so you shouldn’t feel much if anything during the treatment. Root canals relieve pain—they don’t cause pain.

The procedure only takes a couple of hours, and it should end your dental pain. With today’s modern dental tools and techniques, and with the experienced treatment by your Tamworth, NSW dentists, there is simply no need to fear the root canal.

We Welcome Your Call to Our Dental Surgery

Dental pain and swelling and tenderness of the gums are never a good sign. Don’t put off getting treatment because symptoms will likely worsen without it. At Tamworth Oral Health and Dental Care, we can provide the treatment you need to get rid of your pain and save your tooth.