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At Tamworth Oral Health and Dental Care, we believe that everyone deserves a healthy, confident smile. We do our best every day for our patients by providing excellent service and quality dental care in a relaxing environment. Whether we are working to restore the function or the aesthetics of your smile, we use the latest leading-edge technology and materials.

Our team has a patient-centred approach our patients appreciate, and one of the ways we improve the patient experience is by utilising modern technology. Here are some of the ways we incorporate it into our dental surgery on a daily basis.

3-D Cone Beam

This technology creates a three-dimensional digital view of any aspect of your teeth and jaw. With 3-D cone beam, we can focus on more specific areas of the mouth because it creates a three-dimensional digital view of your teeth and jaw. We can plan more accurate implant treatment, achieve more successful root canals and get a clearer view of sinus problems.

Rotary Endodontics

Nobody likes to hear the words 'you need a root canal,' but at Tamworth Oral Health and Dental Care, we have tools to make the procedure go more quickly than ever. With rotary endodontics, we often see more successful outcomes. Don’t put off coming in if you are suffering from the pain of toothache. A root canal is a common procedure that can save your tooth, which is often the most conservative approach to dentistry.

Intraoral Camera

Sometimes it can be difficult to understand why we might recommend certain treatments. With an intraoral camera, we can show you exactly what your dentist sees in your mouth—and in real-time. A visual representation of a dental issue usually leads to a better understanding of treatment recommendations.

Electric Handpieces

When patients talk about what they don’t like about going to the dentist, the sound of the machinery is often something they bring up. We are happy to use electric handpieces, which are not only more accurate, but they vibrate less and produce less of the noise you might hear in a typical dental clinic. They also give us more controlled and precise speed and pressure to improve patient comfort.

Digital Sensors

We understand that lives are busy, and getting in and out of the dental clinic quickly is a priority for most of our patients. Digital sensors help us get through procedures more faster while enhancing image quality and patient comfort.

Digital Records

We take your privacy seriously, and keeping records digitally means we can keep information private. We can also easily access your records when needed. Digital records also protect essential information from a natural disaster, such as floods or fires.

Panoramic X-Rays

Offering yet another view of your mouth, temporomandibular joints and nasal and sinus areas, panoramic x-rays provide your dentist with a flat image. This can help your dentist identify dental problems in the early stages. Panoramic x-rays also make surgical procedures and extractions more predictable.

CEREC Crowns

In the past, getting a dental crown meant coming to our dental clinic at least twice—once to have your tooth treated and to have an impression made, then again to get the crown placed after fabrication. Now you can enjoy the convenience of same-day CEREC technology and have your crown fitted, fabricated and placed all in the same appointment.

CEREC makes beautiful ceramic crowns with no metal, so there is no grey ring around the bottom of your crown.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays are an important diagnostic tool, so we often recommend that patients have dental x-rays once a year. X-rays give your dentist a chance to see what is not visible to the naked eye. Digital x-rays are safe and enable us to make earlier diagnoses.

Patients who worry about the safety of digital x-rays should know that they emit much less radiation than traditional film x-rays. In fact, you are likely to encounter more radiation spending time outdoors in the sun or flying on an aeroplane.

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